Lecture at
European Conference for Architectural Policies
“High Quality Building for Everyone. Baukultur and the Common Good in Europe.”

10.–13. Sept 2018
TU Vienna


Allmost All Right, Vienna's Public Housing Provision

Andreas Rumpfhuber speaking at ECAP
Image © Manuel-Carreon-Lopez

To the outside world Vienna appears like an isolated island with a population that is fortunate enough to benefit from a welfare state that remains intact. Social housing is evenly distributed in the City’s landscape, levelling out inequalities not only in a social but also in a spatial sense, resulting in very little socio-spatial segregation and modest changes in rent between one district of the city and another. And, indeed, it is been claimed that there is enough affordable accommodation for a large portion of the population.

Andreas Rumpfhuber @ ECAP
Image: © Manuel-Carreon-Lopez

Yet, despite this comforting picture telling us that Vienna’s public and social housing provision is almost all right, the system faces profound challenges, especially as a fast growing city: from excluding various groups of the population, to its centralized, highly regulated and bureaucratic apparatus, and not least since the Economic crises starting 2009 and its austerity discourses.
In my talk I will give a brief overview of Vienna’s altering development of public housing provision: I will briefly give an overview to its history; I will be introducing the system and its peculiar regulations, as well as, various new measurements and policies put in place over the last couple of years, high-lightening the challenges Vienna is currently facing.