CCA Toolkit
curated by: Kim Förster

11 July 2018


Rethinking Public Housing

Videostill of Lecture

Andreas Rumpfhuber was invited to be part of the faculty of CCA's Toolkit for Today 2018, a week of seminars, workshops, and public events that invites scholars to open their toolboxes and share their methods with the participants of our Doctoral Students Program

2018's Toolkit, Activisms, focused on the different forms that engaged practice can take for scholars of architecture. It explored how social and political agendas challenge and shape the disciplines that study and teach architecture. How can architectural research be mobilized in the service of society? In what ways does the academy enable or limit meaningful action? 

Videostill of Lecture

Andreas Rumpfhuber spoke about his project "Wunschmaschine Wohnanlage" and how he aims to rethink housing in relation to new forms of labour and a changing production paradigm. 

Wunschmaschine Wohnanlage [literally translated: Desiring Machine Housing Estate] is a project that puts forward a specific intervention into the distinct context of the city of Vienna (after all the municipality owns around 22% of the city’s housing stock). It is a project that puts forward a strategy to further develop 46 large scale housing estates (each with more than 1.000 units) owned by the municipality of Vienna and built between 1950 and 1980. By doing so it presents what I have been calling a “real utopia”: a model that can be implemented within the existing juridical frame for producing housing in Vienna. At the same time, it puts forward an alteration of the modern concept of housing vis-à-vis a radical restructuring of production and the “city after labour”. 

The talk introduced aspects of a changing labour paradigm since the End of World War II and a brief history of Vienna’s public housing in order to be able to discuss Wunschmaschine Wohnanlage.


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