Performative Intervention

The project Permanente Zwischennutzung/Permanent Temporary Use translates the conventional practice of the temporary use of vacant premises and other urban waste land by creative industry on two levels: on one level the city administration itself takes over the temporary use. On the other, the occupancy of large, strategically important and vacant objects enables a jump in scale. At the same time, the occupancy of historical buildings in the city center or the adaptation of vacant office buildings enables structurally different residential forms and forms of living and working together. In this sense, the city administration can start actual residential (construction) experiments, which are located within the model of Viennese Living, but are to be seen as being outside this model due to their initially temporary character. 


__ test their idea on four different objects in the city. Two of them are located in the city center of Vienna, a district that increasingly consists of office facilities, tourism offers and so-called luxury apartments. The other two objects are both office buildings. One of the buildings has been vacant for some time now and is currently used partly by homeless people. In the second object, the Galaxy Tower, large areas are permanently available for rent, which could easily be used for residential purposes. 


  • 2014
    by blankspace

  • published in: Modelling Vienna, Real Fictions in Social Housing. Turia und Kant, Wien: 2015