Seminar, Lecture
Theoriesalon: Felicity Scott
Depot Wien, 2012-May-07

Theoriesalon was a loose series of non-institutional architecture and design theory seminars that aimed to challenge the presently expanding concepts of design and architecture. The seminars reviewed critical contemporary design practices. Each of the positions that presented in the Theoriesalon series addressed interventions in the material world that strive to change our reality in an egalitarian way.

Within this perspective, it is important (for me) to discuss theory in terms of everyday design practices, including the issue of whether design can be seen as a political practice.

Theoriesalon: Ákos Moravansky
Depot Wien, 2011-Oct-17

  • PARTICIPANTS 2011–2014

Mathias Heyden: Community Design and Beyond!, Territorial Agency: Architecture: Beween Polity and Space, Eliana Sousa Santos: Landscape Before Ecology, Deane Simpson: Numbers Game: Urbanism and Spatial Demographics, Mathieu Wellner: Übergänge, Celine Condorelli: Support Structures, Ákos Moravansky: Architektur-Experimente und der Erfolg des Scheiterns, Aristide Antonas: Population of Fragments, Johan F. Hartle: Das rote Wien und die Politik der Sichtbarkeit, Susan Schuppli: Improvised Explosive Designs: The Film-Set as Military Set-Up, Christian Teckert: Raumlimits, Urbane Inseln, Grenzziehungen und die Stadt als Ausstellung, Felicity Scott: Voluntary Primitivism, Kenny Cupers: The Social Project of Architecture, Maria S. Giudici: For a Critique of the Natural City, Francesco Marullo: Domestic Trojan Horses, Jon Goodbun: Radical Theater: Staging the Dialectics of Emergence & Planning, Sam Jacob: What I Talk About When I Talk About Architecture, Ethel Baraona Pohl: Post-Welfare City, Kim Förster: Über die Ökonomie und Politik des Salon in der Architektur, Dubravka Sekulić: Glotz nicht so romantisch! On Laws and Space

Selection of flyers for Theoriesalon

  • Theoriesalon was an initiative by 
    Expanded Design, Andreas Rumpfhuber
    and funded by BM:UKK

    I would personally thank Dr. Bernd Hartmann for is support &
    DEPOT, Raum für Kunst und Diskussion for hosting the series.